Strap-On All Stars

Video: Strap-On All Stars
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Studio: Femdom Empire
Femdom Empire and director and performer Lexi Sindel are here with Strap – On All Stars! Lexi Sindel was determined to bring you some of the best F on M anal, strap-on fucking out there today! And Lexi has decided to step things up by bringing in big time performers like Kendra James, Cybill Troy, Ash Hollywood, Tiffany Tyler, Andy San Dimas and Alexis Grace. You will absolutely love seeing these gals put on some big strap-ons and give it to so some submissive guys!

Stars: Alexis Grace, Ash Hollywood, Cybill Troy, Tiffany Tyler, Kendra James, Andy San Dimas, Lexi Sindel, Christian XXX

Bad Boyfriend: A Strap-On Adventure

Video: Bad Boyfriend: A Strap-On Adventure
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Studio: CX WOW
Christian XXX hasn’t been the best boyfriend that he could be; there’s a consequence that comes with that. What are those consequences? Let’s see…how does a nice pegging session sound? Aiden Starr, Kimberly Kane, Scarlett LaVey, and Danielle Delaunay think it’s a great idea. They make sure they get their satisfaction as well as giving Christian a nice dose of plastic dick!

Stars: Kimberly Kane, Aiden Starr, Danielle Delaunay, Scarlet LaVey, Christian XXX

Brat Girls 41

Video: Brat Girls 41
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Studio: Kinky Europe Productions
Kinky Europe is back and better than ever! And they are very happy to present another installment of Brat Girls. This edition of Brat Girls features Princess Nikki and Rachel Evans. Rachel and Nikki are playing together, as they get a chance to dominate and fuck a submissive male with huge strap-ons! Rachel and Nikki show no mercy as they make him suck their strap-ons and take it up the rear end!

Stars: Rachel Evans, Princess Nikki

Size Queens

Video: Size Queens
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Studio: Femdom Empire
Mistress Lexi Sindel, Cybill Troy and Mona Rogers team up and pick out three of the biggest strap on dicks they can find for their arriving slave. Showing no mercy they one by one run on a train on Slut Bottom Chris's asshole teaching him what it truly means to be a no limits slave for The Femdom Empire.

The only way Mistress Gigi's slave has any chance of ever being released from chastity is by satisfying her 10" dick. He has to prove how much his freedom means to his cock by getting his asshole ruined with every inch of her big black strapon.

Mistress Skin has trained her slave to enjoy the feeling of deep penetration from her strap-on cock. She fingers his ass loose so that she may slip her long, thick, strap-on cock inside. She fucks his ass doggy-style, she inches deeper with every thrust. When the slave whimpers she slaps his ass with her crop ordering him to accept her cock deeper.

Mistress Maia has one rule. Whoever has the biggest cock gets to fuck. What the slaves don't know is Mistress Maia always wins.

Stars: Lexi Sindel, Skin Diamond, Maia Davis, Gigi Allens, Mona Rogers, Cybill Troy, Christian XXX

Strap-on All Stars 2

Video: Strap-on All Stars 2
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Studio: Femdom Empire
These 10 guys kiss their own asses goodbye! White Fem-Dom super-stars fuck these tight white butt-holes with strap-ons in dungeons! Some scenes have more than one Mistress in them. Check out how the men are bound and have to suck on those strap-ons just for some lubrication! This looks like sexy hot sweating revenge from the females on the men in only 2 hours!

Stars: Katie St. Ives, Chanel Preston, Riley Reid, Maddy O'Riley, Mistress T

The Reach

Video: The Reach
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Studio: StrapOn.XXX
The Reach depicts pegging at its most romantic, watch as two lovers engage with one another in an intimate moment that seems to span a lifetime. Gina really does have a body to die for, dressing up in black and looking at herself in the mirror, she is not the only one admiring! Jarda is lying on the bed, completely suckered in by this incredibly sexy woman. Noticing his gaze she climbs onto the bed, kissing him before teasing his hard cock with her mouth. He flips her over and slides it deep inside her, making her orgasm. Gina is now feeling really playful and wants to try something new, she slides on her strap on and lays him down…it’s his time to be penetrated deeply.

Stars: Gina Devine, Jarda

The Therapist

Video: The Therapist
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
A wife has sent Her significant other to the beautiful Amazon Mistress Savannah for “re-education”. He is restrained in the metal stock for some anal training and She is already seen prepared, donning Her strap-on harness. She starts his slut discipline regiment with some tight CBT and anal probing. She finds he is very stimulated by the bondage and makes him suck cock while verbal slut training him the whole time. She moves to his tight hole and lubes him before She mounts his helpless ass. Penetrating him with Her cock Her nipples stiffen and She truly enjoys training Her slut. She scolds him and tells him he must service his wife and be the best slut possible.

Mistress Savannah continues to fuck his ass for a couple of minutes and then pulls out of his tight ass and makes him kiss and thank the cock She has fucked his helpless hole with. She makes sure his balls are tied up extra tight and hangs a weight from them and then returns with an inflatable butt plug to keep his tight hole filled. She spanks the back of his balls over and over as he groans and takes it for Her. To liven him up She applies the violet wand to the back of his balls and then resumes spanking them as his training continues.

The slut’s training continues with more ball spanking. Mistress Savannah yanks his bound balls back and paddles them good. With the blow up dildo filling his ass he struggles to maintain his composure as She encourages him to take as much punishment for Her as possible. She moves in front of him after She finishes beating his balls and make shim kiss the paddle and then worship Her high heels for a short time. His training continues as She bends him over and resumes fucking him up the ass, Her perfect natural breasts are firm and Her She leans in on Her black high heels to train him to love getting fucked by Her, his wife or any other woman they see fit to fuck his hole. She puts him to his back and makes him spread Her legs and take him. She notices his cock is drooling and has him put a rubber over it. She informs him he will be jerking his load into the condom and then consuming his jizz for Her amusement. He does exactly as ordered and his tasty treat is his own cum which ends this round of slut training by the therapist Mistress Savannah.

Stars: Mistress Savannah, Slave Squirrel Balls

Ass Licking Threeway

Video: Ass Licking Threeway
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It’s an active day for Carl and friends. He has two girls over and what starts out as a one on one session between Carl and Elektra, soon turns into an ass licking threeway fuck-stravaganza. Carl fucks Dinkie and her Driver, Elektra. They eat pussy and lick ass, while fucking in many positions. Dinkie fucks Carl with a strap-on while he’s fucking Elektra. Carl cums in Elektra’s pussy and Dinkie eats it as it gushes out, then shares it with Carl.

Stars: Elektra, Carl Hubay, Dinkie

Please Fuck My Ass

Video: Please Fuck My Ass
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Studio: Femdom Empire
Give up your ass to these dominant women satisfying their sadistic desires on submissive men. Extreme divas mean business with their 15" strap-on dildos. They really come prepared to fuck someone's ass and bust their balls big-time. If it’s your desire to get your brains fucked out by a dildo-strapping dominatrix, then you’ve found the right place. This is your house of candy and delight because you will be delighted by not only eye-candy but ass-licorice as well. The only words you’ll have to utter will be, “Fuck my ass please!”

Stars: Lexi Sindel, Chanel Preston, AJ Applegate, Mona Rogers, Cybill Troy

Brat Girls 32

Video: Brat Girls 32
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Studio: Kinky Europe Productions
Princess Nikki likes to rebel against patriarchy. She dominates her male subject by humiliating him, slapping him, messing with his nipples, having him suck on her shoes and using him as a foot-rest. For some reason, he puts up with it and that's pretty pathetic but whatever floats his little boat! She even goes as far as to shove her strap on up his ass and then he sucks it clean of his own butt juices! This woman will be regarded as a hero for keeping the balance!

Stars: Princess Nikki