Strap-on For Man

Video: Strap-on For Man
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Studio: ATV Entertainment
Buckle up and hold on tight because these girls are giving these studs the shaft…literally! These hot and horny girls love strapping on a huge, hard cock and giving just as good as they get! Watch them guzzle a horny stud’s throbbing member then demand a pussy pounding and anal reaming! But the party’s just beginning when the girls turn the tables, pull out their own massive cocks and drill deep in those tight asses until the explosive end in four sizzling hot pegging scenes! So grab the lube, saddle up and let’s ride!

Stars: Paola Guerra, July Dimaggio, Veronica, Shadow

Strap For Teacher 3

Video: Strap For Teacher 3
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Studio: Joey Silvera Productions
The lucky instructors at director Joey Silvera’s fictitious school share a secret longing to be anally invaded by their gorgeous female pupils. Devotees of nasty role reversal will find that “Strap For Teacher 3,” the legendary pornographer’s latest exploration of perverse pegging scenarios, provides the perfect combination of serious femdom lust and the sort of silly, quirky vignettes Joey’s hard-core fans expect. First up is Dillion Harper dressed in an adorable scout uniform. The busty young cutie visits her instructor, Kurt Lockwood, for a special after-school meeting ... and pushes her huge strap-on dildo right up his tight butthole! Dillion cleans up afterward, lapping gooey cum off her teacher’s tummy. Bossy brunette MILF Kendra Lust verbally and rectally bullies her daughter’s professor, Christian, dominating him in a humiliating parent-teacher conference that leaves him with the taste of his own splooge. Lovely young athlete Casey Calvert gets some interracial payback for her trainer’s abusiveness, drilling his bunghole without mercy. She finishes off the African-American coach with juicy pussy, talented hands and a vibrating butt plug. Naturally stacked blonde bitch Aiden Starr catches her muscular boyfriend sneaking off with other girls. After making this ebony stud service her fake dick in a perverse, gagging blow job, she corn-holes his tight butt. Lastly, tattooed brunette bimbo Karmen Karma and tanned Asian cutie Jayden Lee experience a kinky threesome with one lucky educator. For sexy students looking to dish out some sensuous revenge, “Strap For Teacher 3” presents a new way to love!

Scene 1: Dressed in an adorable scout uniform, busty young cutie Dillion Harper visits her instructor, Mr. Lockwood, for a special after-school meeting. This sexy student can hardly wait to fuck her teacher in his ass! First, Dillion removes her top to reveal her perfect, all-natural boobs. Then she swallows Mr. Lockwood’s hard cock to the root, wetly tongues his ball sack and rims his bunghole. He eagerly fucks her sweet pussy, but before long the rules change — the kinky teacher takes Dillion’s huge strap-on dildo right up his tight butthole! Dillion finishes by lapping gooey cum off her teacher’s tummy.

Scene 2: Bitchy brunette MILF Kendra Lust meets Mr. Christian, her daughter’s teacher, to discuss the problem of bullying. It’s he that must fear being bullied — the voluptuous parent proceeds to dominate him with the huge strap-on dildo hidden underneath her tight office skirt! Smothering the poor educator with her massive booty, she makes Christian suck her fake cock. Kendra tongues his taint, stimulates it using a vibrator, and sodomizes the teacher with her strap-on tool while verbally humiliating him. Finally, Kendra rides his fat cock and jacks out a handful of his splooge for Christian to taste!

Scene 3: Gorgeous, young athlete Casey Calvert is in training, but when Coach Robert gets abusive, he’ll have to pay the price. Robert bullies and berates the all-natural brunette, even dunking her head in the swimming pool. When he returns to apologize, Casey orders him to kneel and eat her big, soft ass. Turning around, she reveals a huge strap-on dildo for him to suck! Casey rides the muscular stud’s big black cock and drills his tender bunghole without mercy. She goes at him with her talented hands and a vibrating butt plug and finishes off smearing Robert’s cum all over his belly.

Scene 4: Naturally busty blonde bitch Aiden Starr has heard suspicious things about Robert, her muscular, African-American boyfriend. Seems he’s been sneaking off with other girls to satisfy his need for good, femdom ass fucking! Aiden makes the ebony stud kneel and service her strap-on dildo with his mouth in a perverse, gagging blow job. Then the curvaceous cutie slurps on Robert’s big black cock, probing his sensitive anus with her greasy fingers. Soon Aiden’s thrusting her fake shaft deep inside his rectum, wanking his thick boner until it erupts with hot sperm and smearing the mess across her bouncy boobs.

Scene 5: Tattooed brunette bimbo Karmen Karma and tanned Asian cutie Jayden Lee secretly visit Coach Kurt to satisfy his special desires. Sporting big strap-on dildos, the all-natural sluts buzz each other with a vibrator and service the instructor, wetly slurping his throbbing cock and rimming his bunghole. The eager girls sit on his face and ride his pole. Jayden blows him as Karmen reams his rectum with her fake dick. This nasty trio tries out every permutation of fucking and getting fucked with Kurt getting thoroughly sodomized. Both young ladies share a messy load of his hot cum.

Stars: Aiden Starr, Jayden Lee, Casey Calvert, Kendra Lust, Dillon Harper, Karmen Karma, Kurt Lockwood, Christian XXX, Robert

Whore Hole

Video: Whore Hole
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
The tall submissive bends low to worship the black patent high heeled mules of Mistress Tangent. She is resplendent in a red corset that features a waspish waist that accentuates her big natural breasts. She begins to verbally humiliate the slave as her enormous breasts strain against the fabric. She orders him over her knee and gives him a sound spanking. His cock stiffens in his black bikini and she can feel it against her silky black nylons. After reddening his bottom, she orders him to stand and stroke for her. She produces a pair of tiny lace panties and orders him into them. Next, high heels and stockings as she starts to turn him into a sissy whore.

She spanks his red ass as he tightens his high heels and then, for a final touch, she puts a red bra on him, completing his whoreish, cross dressed outfit. She sits on the couch and orders him to parade for Her, delighting in his humiliation. Next, she has her whore on hands and knees and is preparing to use his asshole for some stretching exercise. She pulls his ass cheeks wide, stretching his hole for examination and then inserts the long beaded dildo. She fucks him with that and is quite pleased how well he takes it so She switches to a black dildo the size of an average man’s and penetrates his hole.

Stars: Mistress Tangent

Moaning Whore

Video: Moaning Whore
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Lakeview Entertainment is very happy to present you with Moaning Whore! Observe the sexy, sadistic and mysterious Mistress Tangent put her supplicant through thirty-five minutes of challenges to his body, mind and manhood. A sensuous and kinky start as She is astride him while he is bound to Her table. Lots of foot worship, face sitting and punishment to his cock, balls and nipples ensue. Then some awesome strap-on action followed by a humbling masturbation exercise and consumption off of Her short shiny black high heeled boot!

Stars: Mistress Tangent, Slave Squirrel Balls

All You Got

Video: All You Got
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Tangent, in shiny black thigh high boots, strolls into scene as the muscle bound slave kneels waiting with anticipation. She seats herself in front of him. He knows better than to look up at his mistress without being told to. She orders him to lick Her boots as She verbally berates him. After a moment She stands and turns Her beautiful ass so it is in his face and commands him to kiss and worship it. She faces him and tells him he will be milked out at least once today and he better not come prematurely as She knows he is prone to do. As a humiliation exercise She tells him he will be fucked deep in his ass with his own load of jism. Next he is standing with his legs spread wide by a spreader bar and She is using Her rope expertise to quickly bind his hands, arms and elbows back and tight. She tells him again what is in store for him and, as he looks at Her beautiful face and smoking hot body in the tiny bikini, his balls start to swell with the thought. Fear crosses his mind as She steps in front of him with a mouse trap to keep his cock from bursting too soon.

The bound slave wants to jerk his cock back as Mistress Tangent is kneeling in Her high heeled boots and snapping a wicked mousetrap centimeters from his sensitive cock head. He looks down at the cleavage between Her big natural breasts and fear and lust seize him. She tells him he is not to cum too quickly and closes his cock hole with the mouse trap. She next quickly binds his big swollen cum filled balls with a yellow rope and ties it down to the spreader bar holding his muscular legs wide apart. The ball bondage has made him want to orgasm already and his cock gets very hard. She knows a way to slow him down and have some fun at the same time and produces the violet wand. She turns it up on high and tells him to stay still as She begins to shock his cock. The mousetrap and his frame wiggle and he groans as the violet lightning shocks his sensitive gland. She laughs and slaps his face, keeping control of him with a well-manicured hand around his thick neck. Quite a predicament because, as he jerks up and back from the electricity She is introducing to his cock head, his big bound balls are stretched and pulled down and away as they remain lashed to the spreader bar. She laughs and plays and then stops and grabs the crystal vase he will be milked into and reminds him he is NOT to cum too soon. She knows he will have no choice in the matter but loves to humiliate him with his lack of control.

True to Her word, the dark haired temptress kneels in front of Her bound captive and applies the vibrator to the head of his recently shocked cock. It is situated right over the crystal vase and his reaction is almost immediate. His cock starts throbbing and he starts to ejaculate. She laughs and he moans as jet after jet of milky white man juice begin to flood the vase. She makes sure all of it is drained from his big bound balls and then holds it up and exclaims ‘disgusting’. Now, She tells him, She has a use for all this ejaculation and will be using it to fuck him up the ass. She stands behind him and ties a long rope around his bound arms and strings it from the ceiling. Pulling it down he is persuaded to present his ass to Her. She dons black rubber gloves and moves to him from the back with a dildo in the shape of a screw and the clear vase filled with his cum. She dips and twirls the screw in his cum and starts to fuck him up the ass with his own cum. She continues to dip and fuck as the clip fades out.

Mistress Tangent delights in fucking the submissive up his ass with his own cum. Great shots of Her full natural breasts filling the top of the red micro bikini as She bends to jam the cum filled screw up his tight asshole. She pours some of the cum, there is a lot in the vase, into the crack of his ass to drive more of his load up him. Her beautiful face is alight with joy and She never stops verbally humiliating him as She dips the screw and fucks his ass deep and slow then hard and fast. After he has been well and truly reamed out, She moves to slip on a shiny black leather strap-on harness and moves behind him. She quickly enters him and begins to fuck him as She holds his ass and his collar tight for leverage. Great angles of one of the most beautiful women in the world driving a hard rubber cock into the tight ass of a slave. Her luscious hips roll and Her breasts are virtually exploding from the thin red bikini as Her hard slim thighs go back and forth while She stands tall on Her high heeled boots.

The ass fucking continues as this most perfect Goddess has the stamina and strength to go all day long fucking Her captive. Her tight belly almost touches his as She relentlessly drives Her hard cock into his sensitive slut hole. Great shots from underneath, behind and above as Her beauty is captured from every angle. She pulls out only to move in front of him so we can get a close up of Her perfect face belittling and humiliating him and then She moves back behind him and resumes his punishment. Next he has been moved to the table and is bound with thick black leather straps. She has perched Her perfect ass on his face and holds a short black crop. She has a shelf bra on exposing Her beautiful natural breasts and a pair of thin lacy black panties. She smothers his face while She attaches the nipple clamps to him. A little pain with his ass worship as She queens him and rides astride his face between bouts of leaning back and ordering him to kiss and worship Her perfect hard ass and panties.

Mistress Tangent pulls on the nipple clamps fastened right to the end of his sensitive nipples. She knows he hates them and this delights Her as he screams into Her pussy perched on his face and tries to wiggle away. She is not having any of it and loves letting the clips linger on him before jerking them off. As he screams She orders him to kiss the inside of Her thighs as Her beautiful ass shakes on top of his face. She has decided he has had enough of Her pussy in his face and his balls are starting to swell again. She turns and posts up on him and begins to punch him hard and often to take his mind off the pleasure he has been having under Her hard ass. She ties up his balls once again and strings them up to the ceiling so he is almost arched off the table by his balls. She moves another clear vase to him and again sits back down heavily on his face. She holds the vibrator like a light sabre and applies it to the back of his cock. He groans into Her ass and his hips move as much as the rope around his balls will allow. Her fragrant pussy on his face has made him very horny and he begins to ejaculate almost immediately into the container as She rides astride him smiling and laughing, overjoyed with the amount of semen She is able to extract on this second load. She examines it and smiles. Setting the vase down on his chest and squatting over his face, She tells him to keep watch on his load and leaves him tied with his balls bound and strung up.

Stars: Mistress Tangent

Strap-On Clips Vol. 2

Video: Strap-On Clips Vol. 2
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Studio: Kinky Mistresses
Kinky Mistresses presents a collection of clips featuring plenty of pegging. These dommes strap on some massive dildos to go to work on their slaves’ assholes. They’re bent over or suspended in the dungeon with their legs spread, just waiting to feel that strap on slide into them. Watch as Domina Silvia, Lady DS, India Amazonas, Mistress Lucrezia, Domina Tatjana Cruela, Lady Victoria Valente, and Lady Luciana take their subs from behind.

Stars: Lady Victoria Valente, Lady DS, India Amazonas, Mistress Lucrezia, Domina Tatjana Cruela, Lady Luciana, Domina Silvia

Toys In The Asshole

Video: Toys In The Asshole
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Studio: Severe Society Films
TOYS IN THE ASSHOLE - in the gym! In the shower! In the doctors office! Anywhere and anytime, these domes love to play with their favorite toys – ramming their strap-on’s into their slaves!

The fit, blonde mistress, dressed in leather and fishnets demands that her slave, spread his ass hole while lying on his back so she can fit all of her toys in there. She starts by slamming one as deep into him as possible but then work on another longer toy – a plastic hand. She realizes that maybe a 3 foot anal bead rope would fit. His dick is smaller than the toys; that’s why she won’t give him the hand job. The beads don’t make him yell, so she uses a cone and then gags him with a dildo longer than his dildo. Another mistress comes in to replace the first and she is more insulting, having him get into the doggy style position. He really loves how loose his asshole is getting, even in this position, he pulls his own hair. She puts a dildo tail inside of him and tell him to bark like a doggy. Two toys at once get him a compliment.

Jimmy Broadway is in for an anal stretching procedure. The Asian mistress prepares by lubing him up and beginning the process with a speculum, some metal tools and finally uses her strap on to fuck him right, the way he’s ordered – missionary position!

This guy is showering and masturbating in the shower when his wife catches him. He’s not allowed to masturbate unless she says so. She comes back with the strap-on and fucks him in the shower, doggy style, bent over the drain. She slaps him in the face and humiliates him by threats of putting him into chastity.

Experimentation and a surprise favor is called upon! A strap-on is what this cute blonde girl wants to try out on her man. He says he’s not gay and she responds that it doesn’t make him gay. She has him deep throat the strap on, like she does and he gags. So she giggles and tells him to get into the doggy position while she fucks him up the butt and slapping his ass. He asks for his turn and she has changed her mind. But at least she gets her fill of control and he gets to know he made her happy!

A middle aged man works out in the locker room when an authority figure from the gym confronts him about peeping around the woman’s locker room. She gives him the choice of either letting her jack up his ass with a dildo or go into police custody. She humiliates him about his jock-strap and insists on his needing a good ass pounding. She uses the facilities well by having him lay on his back with his legs in missionary position. They’re restrained and attached to his neck so she has easy access to get at his bowls.

Stars: Aiden Starr, Kiki D'Aire, Eden Alexander, Allie James , Leena Sky, Jimmy Broadway, Tommy Toscano, Slut Bottom Chris

Jerky Girls Vol. 100 – Prostate Milkings

Video: Jerky Girls Vol. 100 - Prostate Milkings
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JERKY GIRLS VOL. 100 - PROSTATE MILKINGS is exactly what you've 'cum' to expect! These girls know what they want out of a guy! Jam a finger or few in his arse, pump him up, tickle the sperm sac, watch it slosh out all over his chest. Get him on his way or else he'll want to slam away between her thighs. You only wish you could be jerked off like this!

Stars: Katrina, Catherine, Orabella, Siren Thorn

Multi Orgasmic Punishment

Video: Multi Orgasmic Punishment
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
Mistress Shane has been invited back to Domina Irene Boss’ dungeon to have fun with a new creature, "Slave R"! Once restrained to the punishment bench in her studio; they waste no time inspecting and spanking his “pussy”! It seems quite nervous, yet is extremely horny already. They jump right into the action by tickling his feet to test reflexes and remark on how his hairy body would make a perfect hair mattress on a cold Belgian night. Since the Ladies observed his man pussy has been properly man-scaped they make the decision to use it. Ms Boss gives the slave her birthday spanks with a leather paddle. He is made to kiss Mistress Boss' glorious ass and feet while Mistress Shane paddles him. A double flogging follows before his ass is clamped and spanked again! Ms Boss whips the clothespins into a central location so Ms Shane can savagely beat them off with a riding crop.

In scene two, Slave R is placed on his back to reveal that he has been wearing a spiked sheath punishment bra. He gets an extreme erection and the Ladies discuss having a weenie roast. His business is restrained C & B style. The ladies show that they certainly know their way around a cock when they tie his balls to his toes! The Ladies tease the bound slave’s cock lasciviously and stops right before the big moment! It is soon discovered that the slave has cum, but the Ladies are not going to stop just because this has happened. Cumming without permission is a serious offense and Ms Boss decides to smack the slave's cock with a riding crop to teach it a lesson! Then the Ladies command the slave to eat it's own goo - and it's quite the cum dumpster too! More nipple play and CBT is in order with clips and clamps. The Ladies discuss how dogs behave better than men. He is subjected to his face being sat on while they twist and distress his nipples and apply weighted clamps to his balls. The slave is handled again until he shoots load #2. Another humiliating feeding is in order. Ms Boss massages all the cum out while Ms Shane removes the clips. After he eats his meal, Ms Boss canes him 25 times on the balls and then the cock.

For the grand finale; the slave is restrained in the sling and it's time to suck and be fucked by the Mistress’ massive cocks! These are tremendous strap-on scenes! The 3rd final milking scene is so graphic it must be seen in the director's cut version of this DVD.

Stars: Mistress Shane, Mistress Irene Boss, Slave R