Knock You Down A Peg

Video: Knock You Down A Peg
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Studio: Evil Angel - Aiden Starr
These ladies are ready to strap-up and take you for a ride until they drain you to the last drop ! Busty blonde director, Aiden Starr’s big boobs spill from her bathrobe as she berates a skinny, young Ciccle Six. Why? Because he’s stripped down to his birthday suite offering himself in every way. Aiden takes full advantage of the wanna-be assistant when she humiliates him with her dominant streak throughout a nasty pegging session that ends with him eating his jism from her hand!

The real life couple, Sebastian and Ella love the act of pegging. The natural-breasted, pierced babe spreads, tongues and fingers his asshole, then feeds him her fragrant hand. Ella straps on a huge, black dildo and fucks Sebastian, pumping hard and flushing pink as his legs flail before jacking him off and swapping his gooey eruption!

Hot, natural-breasted brunette Savannah Fox and tattooed Eli Hunter are a real life couple clearly in love. She teases him into blowing the dildo and offers her rear for a rim job. Pierced, tattooed Savannah spanks, spreads and fingers his ass, drags her nails over his balls and ball-gags him. With an evil laugh she pounds him into the couch, his legs pulled back to his head. She spits all over his rump and pumps doggie-style, sensually manhandling him. Sitting on his face, Savannah jacks his jism into her palms and rubs the spunk into his face.

Professional dommes Mona Wales and Daisy Ducati They work over heavily tattooed Ruckus, a financial slave that wishes he could fuck them, in a rough pegging session flavored with sarcastic humiliation. Both bitches sport wicked fetish gear with dildos menacingly harnessed. They spit in his mouth, make him lick leather boots clean and wear a pink wig. The laughing ladies fuck his throat, peg his rectum and pump their strap-ons in every available hole. He blows one big phallus as the other plows his ass before the two Femdoms make him endure their humiliating cumplay.

Stars: Mona Wales, Aiden Starr, Savannah Fox , Daisy Ducati, Ruckus XXX, Ciccle Six, Eli Hunter, Sebastian Keys, Ella Nova

Takes Two

Video: Takes Two
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Tangent is the hottest dominatrix that you will find anywhere. Today she has two slave boys. They lick her heels and suck her toes and then the two subs get a flogging. Next, some spanking with large brush and paddle is in order, leaving the bitch boys’ asses bright red. Then it’s time for a good pegging from the Mistress, doggy style. Since he’s been a good little sub she rewards him by allowing him to jerk off and cum on his own pretty red panties.

Stars: Mistress Tangent

Begging For A Pegging 2

Video: Begging For A Pegging 2
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Studio: White Ghetto
White Ghetto presents "Begging For A Pegging 2," starring Julia, Tamara, Oksana and Scarlett Fay. It all started when my boyfriend asked me to finger his ass. Well, that quickly escalated multiple fingers. He loved it so much. Now, he begs me for a full strap-on shoved deep in his ass! And you know what? I love hearing him beg and giving him what he wants!

Stars: Tamara, Oksana, Scarlett Fay, Julia, Eric Jover

Strap On Rollenspielchen Fick Mich! Dann Fick Ich Dich!

Video: Strap On Rollenspielchen Fick Mich! Dann Fick Ich Dich!
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Studio: Foxy Media
Strap On - Rollenspielchen features 8 amazing scenes that contain a 50/50 mix of pussy and strap on anal sex! The most intriguing question is who gets it anally? Well there happens to be a legit curiosity that is held deep inside a lot of men. They wonder what it would be liked to be fucked. The thing is, these dudes get the best of both worlds because their girlfriends are more than willing wear a strap-on and fuck that ass!

Begging For a Pegging

Video: Begging For a Pegging
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Studio: White Ghetto
He’s acting so lazy – as usual actually. Perhaps Coco will get tired of his chicanery, or maybe not. But he has no interest in actually making sure that the house is properly taken care of. However, he’ll learn today that every action or inaction has consequences. So when she whips out her massive strap-on, Eric can only open wide and say “Down the hatch”!

Stars: Nadia, Natalie, Ally, Coco Velvet, Eric Jover

Anal Pegging 2

Video: Anal Pegging 2
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Zuzana plows her muscular stud right in the ass with her strap-on and then he repays the favor before covering her tits with cum. Nicole gives her boyfriend a “pow right in the kisser” in his asshole and he finishes off in her mouth. Lenka tells her man to sit on it, and he does so. She treats him kindly with a blowjob and a he gives her a facial. Lastly, Ellen gives him a de generous helping of pink strap-on and he takes it gracefully.

Stars: Nicole, Ellen, Lenka, Zuzana

Evil Dia 2: Man Meat

Video: Evil Dia 2: Man Meat
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Studio: Severe Society Films
Evil Dia is back – and this time she has Slut Bottom Chris in her clutches to help demonstrate the fetishes and darker sexual fantasies of porn! Today, he’s the main course and Mistress Dia is serving up the humiliation…among other things to make this sub feel the heat in the kitchen! She subjects him to cupping, strap on, spitting, mummification, vampire gloves – not to mention six ping pong balls and a pound of butter up his ass! But the fun isn’t over until she pegs his tight little asshole with her massive dildo to teach this sub his place!

Stars: Mistress Dia Zerva, Slut Bottom Chris

Fun and Games

Video: Fun and Games
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
The busty-yet-dangerous Mistress Olga puts on a final bit of eyeliner while standing on slave chocolate and then moves him into position to tongue her shaved twat. She holds his leash and commands him to service her pussy. Her long legs stretch out and she moans in pleasure as the big bucks tongue licks her sweet spot. She gets so wet and cums so many times she is dripping as he slurps it up. She orders him to the floor and delivers a surprise to him when she leans over and delivers a stream of milk from her big natural 38D breasts. The lactation covers his face and she laughs and laughs then slaps it off.

Mistress Olga slides up over his face, covered in her breast milk, and sits her pussy down to rub and grind all her juices on his face. He sucks and licks her and then she slides back and sucks some milk from her breasts and spits it down into his face. She loves humiliating him and fingers her dripping hole and laughs at him. Leaning back on his chest she stretches her feet to his face and he is obliged to eat the dirt from the bottom of her very well worn shoes. This humiliation turns her on more because she knows he hates licking the bottoms of her street shoes. She orders him up and quickly ties his hands behind his back then turns and bends low, sticking her gorgeous ass in his face for rimming. She turns and sits back in the chair for him to eat her sopping wet hole while she holds his leash.

Mistress Olga whips, lubes and fucks the giant black submissive who is lying on his back legs up and begging for his hole filled. He has a humbler on his big black nuts and it stretches his balls painfully as her cock tries to penetrate. She has the biggest strap-on in the shop on and he is struggling to take half of it. She enjoys his discomfort as his hole slowly expands. She puts him to his knees to try and slam more into him. It is rough going with a tight hole on a huge buck but she holds the leash around his neck and plugs away.

With his erection big and stiff, Mistress Olga slows him down a bit by slapping the cock head. She relents and her beautiful hands move to finish the job. She reaches for a clear short crystal cup and moves it into position just as he shoots his load. She catches all of it in the cup and then has him bend low. Reaching for a dildo that looks like a screw, she shows him the probe and his cum and tells him he will now have his ass fucked with his own cum to end the session. She does as promised and then moves in front of him and his face and tongue are in perfect position to rim her asshole clean.

Stars: Mistress Olga

Adult Diaper Fetish 5

Video: Adult Diaper Fetish 5
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Studio: Heatwave
Heatwave Raw is back with “Adult Diaper Fetish 5” starring buxom, loving mommies Veronica Jane, Sandra Black, and Sophie Luna, who care for their adult babies by gently fucking them in the ass with big strap on dicks and letting these little boys suck their tits while they get a nice handjob from mommy.

Stars: Veronica Jane, Sandra Black, Sophie Luna, Maxi, James Jones, Ponomic Hilton