Girls Only

Video: Girls Only Watch This Video! Studio: AbbyWinters.comAsian girl Analyn developed a liking for Jenna when they masturbated together. Analyn felt a breast for the first time, anxiously and hesitantly she squeezed Jenna's boob, exclaiming how it was so supple! There was so much anxiety and chemistry between these two sexy Dutch girls and from all the comments you members made, we got them back for a total go around! Well, they didn't really have to be asked...truth be told, they were both banging down the entrance for another shoot together. Here it is. Analyn is dressed in her work clothes and looks very stylish and sexy. The magnificent expressive face of Jenna lights up as they kiss, touch, lick, suck and finger each other to dizzying orgasms. The stunning Dutch Aletta meets the very sexual Australian Edie in this very cherished and fun bathroom girl-girl scene. Playing with Aletta's big and awesomely pert breasts, they quickly and playfully undress each other. Taking photos along the way with their little hand held snap-shot camera, they also share the shots with us. Moving away from the bathroom and into the bedroom they lay each other down in a huge number of positions, and Aletta makes full use of Edie’s gorgeously smooth shaved pussy.

Stars: Jenna, Aletta, Edie, Analyn

Bizarre By Nature 23

Video: Bizarre By Nature 23 Watch This Video! Studio: Off Limits MediaLife as a dominatrix is such a difficult one! When does one find the time to do all the little things that make a girl feel wanted? Here, these femdoms are stuck cracking the whip for errant submissive males. How dare they take up so much of the fem-dom’s time by having to keep watch over them, tie them up and be confined to a grungy dungeon to continually whip their asses? Now tell me; is this any way for a woman of the 21st century to occupy her valuable time?

Stars: Carmen Rivera

Sexy Suz Masturbation & Fucking Compilation 1

Video: Sexy Suz Masturbation & Fucking Compilation 1 Watch This Video! Studio: Sexy-Suz.comYour girl is back! Yes, that is correct … the lovely and insatiable Sexy Suz is back and is better than ever! This movie is an outstanding compilation of some of Sexy Suz’s hottest solo masturbation and fucking scenes! Sexy Suz is known throughout the industry as being one of the hottest and voracious starlets in the business today! If you’re a fan of the lovely Sexy Suz, you know you have to check this one out!

Stars: Sexy Suz

Homemade Amateurs Volume 11

Video: Homemade Amateurs Volume 11 Watch This Video! Studio: V9 VideoSexy amateurs have taken over, and no pros are allowed. You’ll find no known faces, no known cocks or breasts. No professional grade blowjobs, but the passionate, lustful embraces of those who are amateur. Homemade videos featuring brunettes, blondes and interracial sexual desire that will come at you in a hurricane of delight!

Mean Girls Kick Ass! 2

Video: Mean Girls Kick Ass! 2 Watch This Video! Studio: White GhettoWhite Ghetto brings you female domination, loads of messy cum, 100% ball teasing and dick sucking! She was beautiful, built and from what I’d heard, she loved getting screwed, but was I ever wrong! I wanted to get in her pants so badly, but what I hoped was going to be a sex-soaked night turned out to be anything but! This girl was really mean! I don't know what I did that she didn't like, but she let me have it from the minute I closed the door! And she never let up, I’ve never felt so helpless in my life, I was putty in her hands and couldn't do anything about it. And all that attitude from someone so incredibly gorgeous, it’s just wrong! But I did kinda like it.

Stars: Eric Jover, Kendra Star, Sindy Rose, Melrose Foxxx, Tessa Taylor


Video: Guardami Watch This Video! Studio: ShowtimeThis film marks the long-awaited debut of Elena Grimaldi in her very first role presented by Silvio Bandinelli. It’s a classic tale of sexy ladies who just can’t get enough of a thick, uncut cock due to their insatiable carnal desires. No hole is left untouched when they gag on a thick piece of meat before they spread their legs wide and beg for a pussy pounding…and ass stretching right before you splooge on them!

Stars: Clark Perry, Nikita Martini, Elena Grimaldi, Sara Sweet, Janet Joy, Linda Shane, Tiffany Rousso, Franco Trentalance

Berlin Catfights 6

Video: Berlin Catfights 6 Watch This Video! Studio: L. Scott SalesOur German partners have really outdone themselves, introducing several new girls to their catfight roster. Nearly all are busty and beautiful and incredibly tough. These matches are either nude throughout or in the heat of battle end up nude. Janet is particularly pretty and trim but she suffers at the hands of Denise, while big breasted Anja eventually falls to blonde Caro after several exchanges of dominance. A highlight is Anja’s match with spunky Andrea, a young woman whose breasts match her own in size – breast smothers, slapping and grabbing ensue. Perhaps best of all is a feisty match between big girl Cati and the demure and much slimmer Bambi – these two really mean business, mauling breasts from the start. The fighting is explosive as Bambi’s fitness and skill is set against Cati’s sheer size and weight. An unfortunate injury curtails this, but a rematch must surely be on the cards.

Stars: Cati, Caro, Anja, Denise, Bambi, Janet, Andrea

Sexy Suz Swinger Parties 1

Video: Sexy Suz Swinger Parties 1 Watch This Video! Studio: Sexy-Suz.comSexy Suz is inviting her fans to a swinger’s party with her and a few friends. Everything you can imagine is occurring. You even get to see Sexy Suz in a double penetration portion and moaning loudly as the two cocks go in and out. In the end, there is a brief three that leads to a nice fulfilling creampie.

Stars: Sexy Suz

Perverse Arschbesamer

Video: Perverse Arschbesamer Watch This Video! Studio: Puaka Video ProductionWhen the girls want to watch their waistline, they sign up for the banana diet. But from the delicious banana juice they actually get, it’s no wonder they are losing weight. The nutritional value of good old hot semen has probably not been tested by the FDA, probably because its recommended use is for other purposes than gastronomic. But when a girl is hungry, there’s nothing she wants more than a highly potent shot of cum juice right down the old kisser!

Big Natural Tits 5

Video: Big Natural Tits 5 Watch This Video! Studio: Clark Euro Angel VideoBeautiful girls with huge, 100% natural tits get banged out in the worst way. This is hardcore action - with a focus on tits - that is not to be missed! And these are not your big, fake-looking tits. No, no ... these are 100% natural. Oh yeah, they're real and they're spectacular!

Stars: Csoky, Franco Roccaforte, Christoph Clark, Leslie Taylor, Lisa Sparkle, Suzy, Stefanie, Kinga, Imola, Sandra Kay, Rita Faltoyano, Krystal De Boor, Kate K., Ann Stefani, Alex Forte, Gary Boldiszar, Suzie Sweet, Jane Darling