Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging – Movie Review

In this comprehensive guide to pegging, you get an plenty of academia with loads of hot female on male strap-on sex.  Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging opens up with about an hour long lecture from Tristan herself.  Once she discusses the science behind pegging, she Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Pegginggives you three incredibly hot and dirty scenes scenes of strap on sex that will blow your mind.  Plus, there is a bonus how-to-wear a strap-on scene as well as an enema demo and bonus scenes from some of Tristan’s other pornos.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one!

Ms. Taormino discusses everything from how to choose the right dildo and harness to prostate massage.  Finding hardware that is comfortable for her and appropriately sized for him is important.  If the harness is too loose, you’ll have too much sag and you won’t have the control you need to really bang his booty right.  If the dildo is too big or too small, you could cause him pain and injury or not enough stimulation.  While the latter would really blow, remember, safety first!  Sure, it’s fun to really dominate and use hi little hole, but a trip the ER is not sexy.

Prostate stimulation can be a major added bonus of pegging.  He can have mind blowing full bodied orgasms with or without ejaculation or it can just feel great without the climax.  Tristan explains how to find his magic walnut and how to safely and successfully massage it into happiness.

Once we get through the all of Taormino’s verbal genius, we get to see her porno directorial skills in action along with performers who are really into each other and all of the pegging involved.  These couples represent a variety of body types which I totally love.

Dylan Ryan and Wolf Hudson get it on like mad, but I mostly love how Dylan demonstrates one of the ways a woman can get off while fucking a man in the ass with a strap on.  While lying on top of Wolf with her strapped on cock deep in his ass, she grinds her clit into the harness (and him).  She comes nice and hard.  It is super hot.

Jada Fire and Christian XXX make a great combo. They are a visually stunning pair – her with her curvy body and dark skin and Christian with his light complexion and big muscular build.  Jada and Christian also do a bang up job of displaying how two people with extremely varying heights can get it on with no problems at all.  During the warm up, Jada fingers Christian’s ass.  She has really long fingernails which is often thought of as a no-no when it comes to putting your fingers in someone’s butt.  She does a fine job of showing how long fingernails and anal play can go together.  Before she slides on her nitrile gloves, she stuff bits of cotton into the fingertips and ensures they cover her nails once the gloves are on.  Once she slides her digits into his puckering hole, he feels nothing but pleasure.

Jiz Lee and Mickey Mod in all of their androgyny are so fucking sexy.  A strap-on expert, Jiz pegs the shit out of Mickey on the floor then takes him to the shower where the tables are turned and he fucks Jiz.  They ride his cock and eventually he blows his load.  It’s pretty much delicious.

Whether you are a pegging beginner or strap-on pro, you will definitely learn something from this porno.  You get a healthy dose of education with plenty of smut to get off to and show you how it’s done.

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Adult Diaper Fetish 5

Video: Adult Diaper Fetish 5
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Studio: Heatwave
Heatwave Raw is back with “Adult Diaper Fetish 5” starring buxom, loving mommies Veronica Jane, Sandra Black, and Sophie Luna, who care for their adult babies by gently fucking them in the ass with big strap on dicks and letting these little boys suck their tits while they get a nice handjob from mommy.

Stars: Veronica Jane, Sandra Black, Sophie Luna, Maxi, James Jones, Ponomic Hilton

The Dark Side Of Paradise

Video: The Dark Side Of Paradise
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Studio: Amator
P. Slave believes that he’s in paradise when he sees his new mistress, Mistress Zita, for the first time. He might start to rethink his postion when he’s tied down with manacles or plastic wrap and having his cock serviced by the pinwheel. But Mistress Zita is benevolent, and lets the slave get fucked by her strap on while he jerks himself off.

Stars: Mistress Zita, P. Slave

Femdom Drill Sergeant

Video: Femdom Drill Sergeant
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Studio: Femdom Empire
Christian XXX has certainly met his match in Sophia Flore…Sophia is beautiful on the outside, but at the same time, she’ll rip your heart out! Sophia makes sure that Christian tastes every last bit of her phat plump ass before proceeding to fuck him up the ass with her rock hard strap on! Sophia than wraps her toned legs around Christian’s neck and makes him lick her pussy!

Stars: Sophia Fiore, Christian XXX

His Hungry Holes

Video: His Hungry Holes
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Tangent casually lights a cigarette and gestures for Her slave to crawl in and assume the boot worshiping position. He grumbles and licks at Her high thigh stiletto black boots. She stands and he tongue worships Her boots from toe to top. She commands him to worship Her perfect, tight ass. Boot slaves rejoice as She sends him down Her boots to lick and clean and then has him suck the pointy toe like a cock.

The taste of Her black boots is still in his mouth as She orders him to kneel and ties up his cock and balls. She talks sensuously to him and then appears over him with Her big strap-on dangling between Her rock hard thighs. She slaps his face with the cock and then treats his mouth hole like a sailor uses a whore on the dock. He gags and is face fucked with no mercy. She spits in his face and then face fucks him.

His mouth is practically foaming from the face fucking as She moves him to all fours on the bed and then pulls out a big jar of white lube to grease his slut hole. She smears up the huge rubber cock She is wearing and then proceeds to open his hole. Her perfect huge pierced breasts bob in time with Her hip thrusts. So gorgeous and dominant She smiles and feels alive taking him from behind. Good shots down between Her breasts as we see Her fuck him without mercy.

A minute more of the last of Her fucking his ass and then he is led to the side to kneel flat while She extracts the cum from his balls. His prostate is sore and swollen from the huge deep long strap-on fucking he got and he shoots a tremendous load from his bound balls as She holds the ball leash. She manages to extract all of it out onto the black cum board between his legs and sends him down to lick his vile spew up. She makes him an energy drink before he leaves to restore his health and then sits down and lights up a smoke.

Stars: Mistress Tangent, autoeroticboy

Strap Some Boyz #3

Video: Strap Some Boyz #3
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Studio: Joey Silvera Productions
In provocative Joey Silvera’s “Strap Some Boyz #3,” dominant damsels deflower male assholes with massively large, harnessed dildos. Little blonde Dakota Skye takes revenge on perverted stepfather Chad Diamond; as she fucks him into the floor, he jerks jism into his own mouth. Buxom, British-accented Ava Dalush (in plaid schoolgirl skirt) and muscular Kurt Lockwood fuck each other; Kurt kneels to swallow a strap-on face fuck (and his pride). Buxom blonde Payton Sin Claire is heavily tattooed Jersey trash with a brown strap-on extending from her crotch. She makes African-American Robert Axel suck her feet, cunt and asshole, and she porks him up the ass. Wolf Hudson worships the armpits, feet and strap-on dong of gorgeous blonde Carter Cruise, who nails him with his leg up on her shoulder. Curvy, heavily inked Tori Avano works over freaky Christian, pinching his nose closed as he sucks dildo ass-to-mouth. She sperm-smears his face and he swallows the semen she feeds him.

Scene 1: Little blonde Dakota Skye is cute in tiny cut-offs, fishnets, heels and a unicorn tank top, but she wants revenge — perverted stepfather Chad Diamond cheated her out of the car promised in exchange for a fuck! Dakota blackmails him into submission: She spits on and slaps his face and makes him kneel to suck her huge strap-on dong as she taunts him. Chad licks her asshole and gets to fuck it as she buzzes on a wand vibrator. Hot, nasty Dakota reams his asshole doggie-style, and he sucks dildo ass-to-mouth. As Dakota fucks him into the floor, he jerks a load of jism into his own mouth! The humiliation concludes with trampling, foot worship and more spit.

Scene 2: Buxom brunette beauty Ava Dalush wears fishnets and a plaid schoolgirl skirt that shows off her magnificent ass. She and muscular Kurt Lockwood make out; she sucks his big boner, he rims her bunghole as she masturbates and they play with a big black cock-style strap-on dildo. Ava rims and finger-greases Kurt’s anus, sucks his balls and fucks him. Kurt kneels to swallow a strap-on face fuck (and his pride). Dark-eyed Ava (who speaks with a hot British accent) fucks his ass doggie-style with spit for extra lube. When he’s prone on his back she fucks him more. As the femdom sodomy continues, he jacks spermy jets from his crotch up his torso to his chest, and Ava feeds the “filthy fucking bastard” his cum on the dark dildo.

Scene 3: Buxom blonde Payton Sin Claire is heavily tattooed Jersey trash in a tight bikini and heels ... with pierced labia and a menacing, brown strap-on extending from her crotch. She displays her inking and makes muscular African-American Robert Axel her bitch — he sucks her pierced nipples and dong; Payton spits in his mouth. They trade favors, Payton sucking dick, Robert sucking her feet, cunt and asshole. Payton fingers and heavily tongues his bunghole, then porks him up the ass as she strokes his meat. The bitch sits on his face and rides his cock. Dirty Payton jacks Robert’s jism onto her pierced tongue, wallows in cum and swallows.

Scene 4: Carter Cruise is a gorgeous blonde in a tiny leather dress, heels ... and a menacing, brown strap-on dildo extending from her crotch. Her natural tits are pierced. Wolf Hudson is her bitch. He sucks her feet through fishnets, tongues her armpits and blows that strap-on. As Wolf rims her hot, tan-lined ass, she tugs his head up her crack for more devoted worship. Carter sits on his face, then rides his dick as she chokes him and slaps his face. Flexing her biceps, she porks him up the ass. Wolf masturbates as he’s fucked, his leg up on Carter’s shoulder. She gets off on a vibrator as he fucks himself with the toy. Bossy Carter compels Wolf to cum in her hand, then wipes his jism on his face.

Scene 5: Curvy, heavily tattooed brunette Tori Avano is flashy in tightly laced lingerie and stilettoes, with a big dildo strapped on. Pool boy Christian shows up late, and he can’t take his eyes off of her provocative get-up. He wants to suck cock. Tori lets him suck her asshole and she stuffs four fingers up his tight ass as she blows his meat. After making him beg for a butt fuck, she bangs his ass as he jacks off. Wicked Tori pinches his nose closed as he sucks dildo ass-to-mouth, and she makes him slurp his spit from the dong. “Fuck me, little fuck boy,” she orders, and her round, greased cheeks bounce as she rides his dick. He cums in her hand; she sperm-smears his face, and he swallows the semen she feeds him.

Stars: Tori Avano, Carter Cruise, Dakota Skye, Payton Sinclaire, Ava Dalush, Kurt Lockwood, Christian XXX, Wolf Hudson, Chad Diamond, Robert Christian

We Love Strap-On!

Video: We Love Strap-On!
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Studio: Femdom Empire
Men love strap-ons too! Are you interested in seeing dominant women taking control of their pathetic slaves? This movie features kinky strap-on mistresses taking complete control! Femdom Empire knows a thing or two about strong, dominant women and weak-ass men taking those strap-ons right up the butt! Featuring Adrianna Chechik, Gigi Allens, Anikka Albrite and Sarah Shevon!

Stars: Sarah Shevon, Annika Albrite, Adrianna Chechick, Gigi Allens

Treacherous (Disc 1)

Video: Treacherous (Disc 1)
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Studio: Severe Society Films
Severe Society brings you their special two disc set for “Treacherous!” A four-hour fetish epic featuring Aiden Starr and Tim Woodman! Strap-on gangbang brunch. BDSM orgies. Dueling blowjobs. An underground sex and fetish club featuring amazing acts of gleeful depravity. And that doesn’t even include what goes on behind the scenes! Step through the door and witness the power struggle that ensues when the two managers battle for control of the arena where the most extreme sexual acts in the city take place.

Disc One features kink legend Tim Woodman using his flogger as a master painter would use a brush. We get caged girls, heavy breast play, and a sloppy double blowjob. Next, everyone’s favorite whore Slut Bottom Chris gets his hole worked over by huge toys that have to be seen to be believed led by the beautiful, blonde bitch goddess Aiden Starr. Finally, Dee Severe and Aiden Starr have some fun with tiny dicked slaves Marcelo and Jimmy Broadway. Watch these two pieces of shit squirm as Marcelo gets his ass reamed as he is made to suck on Jimmy Broadway’s limp dick!!

And there’s plenty more in Disc 2!!

Stars: Jessie Parker, Megan Cox, Kiki D'Aire, Maia Davis, Caroline Pierce, Jay Taylor (Female), Anna Valentina, Lotus Lain, Mattie Borders, Dana DeArmond, Dee Severe, Charli Piper, Aiden Starr, Jimmy Broadway, Dominick Kross, Tommy Toscano, Slut Bottom Chris, Marcelo, Tim Woodman

Bad Boyfriend 2

Video: Bad Boyfriend 2
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Studio: CX WOW
These boyfriends aren’t sorry yet, but after their girlfriends get a hold of their assholes, it’ll change their tune sure enough. Christian XXX is unrepentant, but after Jessie Parker, Alice Frost, Sheena Ryder, and Payton Leigh take a massive black strap-on to his corn-hole, he is more than happy to apologize to them in his most repentant voice.

Stars: Jessie Parker, Payton Leigh, Sheena Ryder, Alice Frost, Christian XXX

Measured Acceptance

Video: Measured Acceptance
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Studio: StrapOn.XXX
There’s a certain line that a man just can’t cross – but how exactly does that translate into the realm of pegging? How much is too much? Just what is the correct measure of “acceptance” for a man with a woman with a strap-on fetish?

In her elegant nylons Rachel Evans is exhilarating to look at and Marek is so horny he can hardly wait to get his hands on her. When she beckons him toward the bed and wraps his rod in a tight cock-ring he is well aware that Ms. Evans expects a lot out of him this evening. They've played together plenty in the past, and while a man who looks as butch as Marek may leave most ladies thinking he always wants to be on top, the secret truth is that he can't cum completely without a chance to be on the bottom as a gorgeous gal like Rachel pegs his ass with her own trusty strap-on on their way toward shared sexual salvation!

Stars: Rachel Evans, Marek

Let’s Butt Fuck My Boyfriend

Video: Let's Butt Fuck My Boyfriend
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Studio: Tug Zone
When your boyfriend has been misbehaving, you know that the best way to get his ass back in line is to flip the script and, well…put his ass on the line! That’s right ladies; you gotta break out your biggest, pinkest strap on cock and nail that dude’s prostate until he’s begging you for forgiveness! Sometimes you might even want to recruit your BFF to help out and make sure all his holes are filled from back to front. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings either; we all know that at the end of the day, your boyfriend loves getting his ass sodomized by his beautiful girlfriend’s big pink cock!

Stars: Anna A., Lesya, Anastasia, Tania, Anna, Ksenia, Olga Barz, Ekaterina, Artur (Male), Ivan