Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging – Movie Review

In this comprehensive guide to pegging, you get an plenty of academia with loads of hot female on male strap-on sex.  Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging opens up with about an hour long lecture from Tristan herself.  Once she discusses the science behind pegging, she Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Pegginggives you three incredibly hot and dirty scenes scenes of strap on sex that will blow your mind.  Plus, there is a bonus how-to-wear a strap-on scene as well as an enema demo and bonus scenes from some of Tristan’s other pornos.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one!

Ms. Taormino discusses everything from how to choose the right dildo and harness to prostate massage.  Finding hardware that is comfortable for her and appropriately sized for him is important.  If the harness is too loose, you’ll have too much sag and you won’t have the control you need to really bang his booty right.  If the dildo is too big or too small, you could cause him pain and injury or not enough stimulation.  While the latter would really blow, remember, safety first!  Sure, it’s fun to really dominate and use hi little hole, but a trip the ER is not sexy.

Prostate stimulation can be a major added bonus of pegging.  He can have mind blowing full bodied orgasms with or without ejaculation or it can just feel great without the climax.  Tristan explains how to find his magic walnut and how to safely and successfully massage it into happiness.

Once we get through the all of Taormino’s verbal genius, we get to see her porno directorial skills in action along with performers who are really into each other and all of the pegging involved.  These couples represent a variety of body types which I totally love.

Dylan Ryan and Wolf Hudson get it on like mad, but I mostly love how Dylan demonstrates one of the ways a woman can get off while fucking a man in the ass with a strap on.  While lying on top of Wolf with her strapped on cock deep in his ass, she grinds her clit into the harness (and him).  She comes nice and hard.  It is super hot.

Jada Fire and Christian XXX make a great combo. They are a visually stunning pair – her with her curvy body and dark skin and Christian with his light complexion and big muscular build.  Jada and Christian also do a bang up job of displaying how two people with extremely varying heights can get it on with no problems at all.  During the warm up, Jada fingers Christian’s ass.  She has really long fingernails which is often thought of as a no-no when it comes to putting your fingers in someone’s butt.  She does a fine job of showing how long fingernails and anal play can go together.  Before she slides on her nitrile gloves, she stuff bits of cotton into the fingertips and ensures they cover her nails once the gloves are on.  Once she slides her digits into his puckering hole, he feels nothing but pleasure.

Jiz Lee and Mickey Mod in all of their androgyny are so fucking sexy.  A strap-on expert, Jiz pegs the shit out of Mickey on the floor then takes him to the shower where the tables are turned and he fucks Jiz.  They ride his cock and eventually he blows his load.  It’s pretty much delicious.

Whether you are a pegging beginner or strap-on pro, you will definitely learn something from this porno.  You get a healthy dose of education with plenty of smut to get off to and show you how it’s done.

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Mistress Danielle turns Tosha into Her own personal lab experiment. He is locked tight in the metal frame as she tests his balls with electricity before taking him from behind with her strap-on. He serves as a tongue slave next and then is fixed standing stretched out. Corporeal punishment then a milking into the silver dog bowl is in line for him now.

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Mistress Summer teams up with Mistress Mimi for a lively and sadistic adventure. Big Slave Michael is subjected to a session with Mistress Mimi. The two dominant women tag team him in fucking him with their strap-ons.

Then a submissive slave is fucked in a swing sling while he’s in a straight jacket. The dominant beauty gives him a handjob and allows him to cum.

Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss fondle and play with Slut Tosha a bit and then Mistress Kiss moves to slip a strap-on harness over her hips. Mistress Autumn orders the submissive to put his face in her pantyhose crotch and he bends as Mistress Kiss positions herself behind him and opens his pantyhose, readying him for her rubber cock. He inhales the fragrance of Mistress Autumn’s pussy as Mistress Kiss takes him from behind. This sub is not allowed to cum.

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Check out Ashlee Chambers in a very sexxy Muscle slave worship video. She is in her black latex and very tall leather boots walking over to get her slave for his training session. She makes him worship her rippling muscles and then shows him her big clit. She then proceeds to have him do some big time clit worshipping, first standing then with him on his back on the floor and she squats over him. Not to also forget she shows him he is hers by lightly stomping on his balls and a very tender kicks to the groin! Ashlee is a Muscle Slave Trainer as you will see in this video. She is now dildo training her slave and preparing to really give it to him while at the same time she can enjoy pleasure from it too. A huge double dildo for twice the pleasure . “ Ah yeah” says Ashlee! Watch how she fucks him hard and herself at the same time. Then it's back down on the floor for some ball play and boot stomping. From pussy worship and eating, to some very erotic ball play, to nude muscle worship of this sub's Muscle Slave Trainer to finally a hard and forceful hand job leading to a great happy ending, this video will blow your socks off!

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Passionately kissing each other, the excitement easy for us all to see and behold. Nikola wastes no time in getting down and filling her mouth with his cock but Angelo wants to please her first. He pulls her up on his face licking her already moist pussy until he tastes the release of her sweet nectar.

But Nikola hasn't finished there; she slides on her strap-on and teases his tight ass with her finger before sliding it in and fucking him while rubbing his hard cock eagerly. This is one horny woman who is ready to see her man experience the ultimate orgasm.

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Princess Rachel Evans and bleach blonde Jenna Lovely are on the couch looking so sexy especially wearing their strap-ons. The cameraman asks them if they are ready for their slave. They tease and humiliate him, calling him a “Fat bitch”. Rachel is the first to fuck his ass and the slave takes the other dildo in his mouth. They break and then it Jenna’s turn to fuck the slaves ass.

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Men aren’t typically overpowered by muscle when it comes to the opposite gender. Well today, that commonality is decimated. Christian XXX teams up with four muscular babes and he takes a pure pounding in the ass when they strap on the old dildo. They let him get off, but he needs an anal pounding first.

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